Why Young Living is the essential oil brand for me.

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

I know there are so many essential oil companies to choose from. But there are so many reasons why I choose Young Living.

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1. Young Living owns their own farms or partners with farms AND you can go and visit them! You can participate in the harvest and distillation process! With your own hands you can plant a lavender seed and with your own eyes you can see the beautiful fields!

2. Young Living is the ONLY company in the world that promises a Seed to Seal guarantee.

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3. Young Living has 20+ years of research! They also have a team of over 50 highly trained scientists and combined they have over 180 years of experience!

4. Young Living has the greatest selection of essential oil singles, blends and products! With over 600 products!

5. Young Living farms exceed organic standards. As pest control is man-aged with essential oils and weed control is done by hand.

6. Each batch of essential oils is rigorously tested in house and by third-party testers to insure that each oil sold is pure. If there is an issue with a batch of oils. They are discarded and not sold by Young Living.

7. Young Living is honest and an open book when it comes to their practice. They even voluntarily turned themselves in after realizing they were violating the Lacey Act and the Endangered Species Act for distilling Rosewood and Spikenard Essential Oils. These plants are on the endangered plants list, and Young Living no longer distills or sells these essential oils.

8. The FDA has approved a Young Living vitality line of essential oils that can be ingested.

9. Young Living essential oils have no expiration date. As long as they are stored in a dark and cold condition and the cap is tightly closed, Young Living's oils can stay pure for thousands of years without breaking down or changing in aroma or chemical composition!