I got my Young Living Premium Starter Kit! Now what?

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Congratulations on your first step to your toxin-free lifestyle!

Some people get the premium starter kit, use Lavender Essential Oil  (maybe sometimes even Lemon and Peppermint) and then put the rest in a drawer and never use it again. Not because they don't want to use the other oils in the kit...because they don't know how to use them!

Guess what? I won't let YOU be part of that "some"!! I am going to walk you through everything you need to know about your starter kit and how to use it in your everyday lifestyle!!! Make sure you are following my Instagram account: @ToxinFreeFamily I post different hacks/tips/recipes and ways to use essential oils everyday!

Didn't order your Premium Starter Kit yet? No problem! You can find more information and join my team here!

Learn more about why I believe you should choose Young Living over any other essential oil company here! I recommend you always use a carrier oil to dilute the oil when applying essential oils topically! Not only are some oils "hot" oils, which means they will irritate your skin, a carrier oil will take your oil further! I mention carrier oils a few times here so if you don't know much about carrier oils, you can learn about them here! Edit: Young Living's Premium Starter Kit changed in 2019! They took away Copaiba Vitality Essential Oil and added Valor Essential Oil Blend, Peace & Calming Essential Oil Blend and Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier!

What comes in your Premium Starter Kit?

  • Aroma Diffuser of your choice

  • 12 Essential Oils 1. 5ml Lavender Essential Oil 2. 5ml Lemon Vitality Essential Oil 3. 5ml Frankincense Essential Oil 4. 5ml Thieves Vitality Essential Oil 5. 5ml Citrus Fresh Essential Oil 6. 5ml Raven Essential Oil 7. 5ml Digize Vitality Essential Oil 8. 5ml Panaway Essential Oil 9. 5ml Peppermint Vitality Essential Oil 10. 5ml Valor Essential Oil 11. 5ml Peace & Calming Essential Oil 12. 5ml Stress Away Essential Oil

  • 1- 1 oz Thieves cleaner sample packet

  • 2- 2 oz Ningxia Red sample packets

  • 1- 1 oz Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier

  • 10 business cards & 10 essential oil samples (To share with friends & family!)

Lavender Essential OilLavandula angustifolia

  • Put in your diffuser at night or during the day for a fresh, clean and calming aroma

  • Add a few drops in your bath for a relaxing soak

  • Add a few drops on a damp washcloth and throw it in your dryer for better smelling clothes without using the toxic chemicals that come with using dryer sheets

  • Put a few drops and some distilled water in a spray bottle and use to freshen up your home by spraying on linens, carpets, furniture, etc...

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Lemon Essential Oil

Citrus limon

  • Put in your diffuser for a clean and positive smelling aroma

  • Add a few drops to your favorite (and hopefully toxin-free) moisturizer to brighten your complexion

  • Remove stuck on label residue using a few drops directly on the spot

  • Add a few drops to your (hopefully toxin-free) detergent to freshen up stinky laundry

  • Add a drop of Lemon Vitality to your water (in a glass or stainless steel cup or bottle only) to support a healthy respiratory function

  • Eliminate odors in your trash can or refrigerator by adding a few drops to a cotton ball

  • Add a drop of Lemon Vitality i