How to use Aromatherapy Inhalers + Inhaler Recipes!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

An aromatherapy inhaler is a great personal diffuser to always take with you everywhere! It can fit in your purse, your pocket, or you can even keep it in your car! It is also a great way to play around with your oils and create a blend to your liking!!!

This is a perfect item to use essential oils for yourself, or you can make an inhaler as a gift for someone!!

Where to buy Aromatherapy Inhalers

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Essential Oils

The other product(s) you need to make an aromatherapy inhaler are essential oils!!

I use Young Living Essential Oils in all of my inhaler recipes because I have found that they are the purest oils, in my opinion.

If you are not a Young Living Member, you can learn about how to become one and join my Toxin-Free Team here!

Parts of the inhaler

There are 4 parts to your essential oil inhaler!

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1. Wick

The wick soaks up the oil

2. Inhaler

Has holes in it so you can inhale the oil from the wick

3. Cover

Used to close your inhaler when you are done with it

4. Cap

Keeps the wick inside the inhaler

How to add essential oils to your inhaler

Step 1: Gather your inhaler (make sure they are in 4 separate parts)

Step 2: Add your oils to a glass/stainless steel bowl or plate

Step 3: Drop your wick in the oil

Step 4: Use a tweezer to roll the wick around and coat it with oil

Step 5: Once the wick is coated, put your wick in the inhaler

Step 6: Close your inhaler

Step 7: Inhale the oil!

Tip: To use your inhaler, put the inhale