Five ways to use Young Living's Seedlings Baby Wipes that don't involve babies!

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Among Young Living's Seedlings Line are baby wipes! I have only heard great things about this product being used on babies. However, I do not have any children and this product is still a staple Young Living product that is in my home because of all the non-baby uses for it!

What are Seedlings Baby Wipes?

Young Living formulated these baby wipes so parents no longer have to use toxic chemicals on their baby's skin! Young Living Seedlings Baby Wipes are made with cleansing botanicals and 100% pure essential oils. They are are mild, gentle, soft and comfortable. Also, they are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and vegan friendly!

Seedlings baby wipe tip:

To get the most use out of Young Living's Seedlings Baby Wipes all you have to do is use strong scissors and cut the baby wipes in half to double the amount of wipes! You can put them in refillable wipe containers (like this) to store at home or you can put them in travel pouches (like this or this) for on-the-go use!

One package of 72 Seedlings Baby Wipes costs $11.75 wholesale and $15.46 retail. Cutting them in half doubles the amount so, if you are a Young Living Member, you can get 144 wipes for less than 12 bucks! If you think that is expensive, just know that these baby wipes aren't the cheap thin wipes like most store bought baby wipes! They are strong and durable almost like a washcloth material!

Here are 5 useful and effective ways to use Young Living's Seedlings Baby Wipes without actually using them on a baby!!!

1. Make up Remover Wipes

It is kind of scary how many toxic chemicals are in well-known and well-used makeup wipes! Many of the chemicals are not even supposed to go near your eyes! Once you start using Seedlings Baby Wipes as makeup remover wipes, you will never go back to putting those harmful chemicals anywhere near your face! Since I have gotten these wipes I have used them as makeup remover wipes to clean my face off. They work great and will take your makeup off without a problem! Plus, they won't irritate your skin! They will leave your skin moisturized, soft, and smooth.

2. Dryer Sheets

The days of using store bought dryer sheets are long over! They are filled with fragrance and toxic ingredients that are so unhealthy for your healthy and your family's health! Instead, use Seedlings Baby Wipes! Add a baby wipe in your dryer along with your clothes. When your clothes are all dry they will have a light, beautiful scent on them!

3. Dog Wipes

These baby wipes are perfect for fur babies in between baths! Have you ever just given your dog a bath and that same day they decide to go play in dirt? When they come back inside, just wipe them down with Seedlings Baby Wipes and you won't need to give them another bath! If your dog smells and is a little dirty, just use these wipes on their fur and paws for a fresh conditioning without having to give them a bath!

4. Room Spray

Yes, you read that right! Use your Young Living Seedling's Baby Wipes as a room spray!! Just add a baby wipe to a spray bottle (I recommend these 16oz bottles or these