DIY Essential Oil Infused Cooking Salt

Adding Vitality Essential Oils while your cooking makes every recipe always come out delicious! However, sometimes a drop of oil can be way to strong for your dish! That is why making essential oil infused salt is a great way to add the perfect amount of essential oil to any recipe!

This DIY recipe is also a great way to reuse your old and empty essential oil bottles!

There are 2 ways that I make my oil infused cooking salts!

1. Using an "empty" bottle of Vitality Oil

I put the word empty in quotes because even though you might think there isn't anymore oil left in the bottle, there still is some residue left!

My favorite oil to use for this is Lemon Vitality! But, you can use any Vitality Essential Oil!

Step 1: Gather an empty vitality essential oil bottle and cooking salt. I like to only use Pink Himalayan Salt when I cook (I used this one but if you want fine cooking salt that you don't have to grind I recommend this one.)

Step 2: Remove the essential oil cap and plastic dropper from the bottle.

Step 3: Make sure there isn't any more drops of oil left in the bottle because you'll only want the residue. A drop or few drops left in the bottle may overpower the salt too much. To do this, you could leave the open bottle upside down on a paper towel! Tip: if you want it stronger feel free to skip this step!

Step 4: Spoon your salt into the bottle and fill it to your desire!

Step 5: Put the cap back on but keep the plastic dropper off.

Step 6: Let the salt and oil sit for at least 24 hours.

Step 7: Sprinkle your vitality essential oil infused salt on your recipe! I use my lemon vitality infused salt on every chicken dish that calls for lemon juice!