Oily Questions

What made you choose Young Living over other companies?

Young Living is the ONLY company with the Seed to Seal Guarantee! For more reasons why I chose Young Living, Read here!

Can you diffuse Vitality Essential Oils?

Of course! Young Living's Vitality Oils are the same as their "regular" oils! The only difference between the two is the labels! The FDA approved the vitality labels to be ingested.

My recommendation is that oils should not be diffused in immediate proximity for long periods of time near a baby that is under 2 years of age, without talking to your doctor.

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Disclaimer- I am not a medical professional. I do not intend to treat, diagnose or prevent any medical issue. Please consult your doctor before following any of my tips. 

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Is it safe to diffuse oils around babies?

Our pets are more sensitive to certain smells than us. So, bottom line is yes, but with caution. With all pets don't diffuse around them for long periods of time. If they are in a small room, I wouldn't put the diffuser in there (especially with the door shut) If they are in a bigger living room, I would put the diffuser on the other side of the room. Please educate yourself on the essential oils that are not safe for your certain pet type. Not every oil is going to hurt your pet but there are some that may be harmful! Consult your veterinarian before using essential oils around your pet. If you for some reason feel like your pet is having a reaction to essential oils, please bring them into the vet immediately.

Is it safe to diffuse oils around pets?